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Waves of love on a rainy summer evening

Nestled cozily inside, as the rain comes down in torrents, the limbs of the towering trees sway side to side in the aftermath of a summer thunder storm, a feeling of deep gratitude washes over like the waves upon the sea, carrrying memories of time past and evocations and glimmers of times to come. Gratitude for moments spent in conversation by the lake, words washed away in the ocean winds, prayers and words resting upon the warmth of a summer breeze. To spend time with those who I have known for over a half a century, those who knew the young child, the heart of a tiny young girl as she set out to explore the world, those who witnessed those awkward, vulnerable, tumultuous years who believed and saw the glimmer of light within, those who loved beyond words, sometimes without words in ways


they knew best, those who became a part of this journey in those wide open fresh years of college and those who just recently entered into the spider web of interconnecting friendship whose souls touch mine so deeply. Grateful for each one of you tonight. May the beautifully falling raindrops enrobe each of you in love,health and blessings.

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