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Why Kids Yoga and Mindfulness?


In a world where many kids live fast paced and busy lifestyles, between school, sports, and other activities, they can feel overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.  Many children at a young age feel the pressure of competition and over stimulation and it can affect their school work, sleep, behavior and overall disposition.  Why look for something new to help find balance when Yoga so simply provides all that we need to stay healthy, strong and flexible, and maybe most important, find that we feel more peaceful, less stressed and anxious too.


Benefits of Yoga and Mindfulness


Children will learn how to create a strong mind-body connection through breath awareness, postures, and stillness while also being given space to play, imagine, and learn fun yogic movements for the body.  Through the practice of yoga, kids develop greater self-awareness, increased self-confidence and a beautiful sense of inner calm and centering. Yoga is a practice that can benefit us throughout  our entire lives, we love encouraging those good habits to start early.

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